Bankruptcy helps millions of people ever year. Do you need a fresh start?

Bankruptcy can be scary thought.  It is not something you are proud to do and probably something you would like to avoid at all costs.  But, the reality is things happen that are out of our control.  Job loss, a slowdown in business, illness, divorce. Once you get behind on bills, interest rates may rise, and it can be nearly impossible to catch up on payments. The truth is that bankruptcy can happen to anyone, including Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Thomas Jefferson, and Henry Ford, just to name a few.

Collection phone calls, lawsuits, and garnishments are overwhelming, stressful, and take their toll on both you and your family.  That is why bankruptcy exists, to offer you a solution, a fresh start.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone and it may or may not be the right choice for you.  We offer customized solutions to help people deal with debt.  Whether it’s filing bankruptcy, stopping debt collection calls, or defending a collection lawsuit.  We take the time to explain your consumer rights so that you understand your options.  Then, we will talk about your goals and put together a customized plan to get you on a better financial path.

If you have questions about bankruptcy law, please contact our law office in Greenwood, South Carolina.